A Message From Our Team

Our core belief is that sustainable living shouldn't be a privilege, it should be within everyone's reach - accessible, affordable, and appealing. The solutions for combating climate change already exist, the challenge lies in enabling everyone to not only access them but also harness them. Many of the solutions in place are not designed to respond to collective needs, here at GRNshift, we're on a mission to change that. Through simplified resources and optimized navigation tools, GRNshift is here to make sustainable living easier!

Meet Our Team

Alexander Zelenski


Kirsten Josling

Chief Operating Officer

Daphnee Le

Head of Marketing

Beatrice Zelenski

Head of Market Research

Salim Aissaoui

Software Engineer

Our Mission

Our Vision

To create a world where sustainability is the standard not the exception.

To enable households and businesses to live more sustainable lifestyles by breaking down barriers to sustainable living. Through providing tailored resources, tools, and solutions, we aim to make sustainability easy and accessible for everyone.